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PaY Summer Internship

The PaY Summer Internship Program provides internship grants to nonprofit organizations throughout the local community. Each host organization is matched with a PaY student who conducts a special project designed by the organization while providing mentorship, guidance, and support to the students.

Watch the 2023 Internship Celebration Replay

PaY Internship

Watch the 2023 Internship Celebration Replay

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Apply for the

PaY Summer Internship Program

Whether you are a student wanting to apply for the program or you are a nonprofit wanting to host intern, choose from the buttons below for application details and instructions.

2024 Important Dates:

  • Thursday, February 1 - Applications open for nonprofit hosts

  • Monday, February 12 - Applications open for PaY students

  • Friday, March 15 - Applications Due for nonprofits

  • Monday, April 1 - Applications Due for Students

  • Friday, May 10 - Placements Announced

  • Tuesday, May 14 - PaY Internship Kick-Off Social

  • Monday, June 10 - Internship Orientation

  • Tuesday, June 25 - Site Visit

  • Monday, July 15 - PaY Leadership Camp at Young Life Castaway Club

  • Tuesday, July 23 - Site Visit

  • Tuesday, July 30 - Site Visit

  • Friday, August 9 - PaY Internship Celebration

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