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“Our goal is to help you reach your goals.”

The Barry Foundation was founded in 1986 by B. John Barry with a passion for proactive philanthropy and a commitment to giving back to his roots in North Dakota and Minnesota. Since 2007, the Barry Foundation has facilitated programming throughout the region to bring up the next generation of young philanthropists and support their goals during high school and beyond.

Guided by The Barry Foundation’s five values of Creativity, Proactive, Passion, Gratitude, and Sustainability, their programs - Philanthropy and Youth (PaY), the PaY Summer Internship Program, the Barry Scholarship Program, and the Philanthropy: Forward Alumni Network - empower young philanthropists to make the world a better place, starting with their own communities.

The words inspire.lead.share encompass the mission and values of The Barry Foundation and it various programs. Whether you are a student in our Philanthropy and Youth (PaY) program, a scholarship recipient, or one of our non-profit partners, we strive to inspire through passion, lead with action, and share with compassion.

- B. John Barry

“Our goal is
to help you
reach your goals.”

“Our goal is to
help you reach your goals.”

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