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Welcome to Inspire! A Beach Party Virtual Experience Inspired by this year's theme of Gratitude: Rise Up & Radiate, we are bringing the sunshine's radiant rays to you during your conference experience. ​ We encourage you to gather as a PaY Committee to enjoy a beach-themed watch party, and use the items provided in the PaY Advisor beach tote to enhance your experience and participate in the accompanying activities.

Inspire 2021

Experience Inspire 2021:

Keynote Speakers

  • Brittany Caillier and Mark Haugen

  • The Barry Scholarship Program

  • Selection Committee Co-Chairs

Featured Speakers

  • Tom Barry - Chairman, The Barry Foundation

  • Marty Byers - President & CEO, The Barry Foundation

  • Gail Bollinger - Executive Director, The Barry Foundation

  • Randi Olsen Heinold - Program Associate, The Barry Foundation

  • Onnolee Nordstrom - Assistant Professor, North Dakota State University

  • Aliya Mrochuk - Youth Engagement Coordinator, The Winnipeg Foundation

  • Grace Beauchamp - Philanthropy: Forward Member, Barry Scholar

  • Katie Dukart - Co-Leader, Box of Balloons

  • PaY Core Team Members

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