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Experience PaY Celebration 2022:

Celebration 2022

Welcome to the 15th Annual PaY Celebration: Rise Up & Celebrate! The PaY Celebration gathers PaY Committees, PaY Partners, and Friends in Philanthropy to celebrate a year of grantmaking and service.

Featured Speakers in order of appearance: 

  • Randi Olsen Heinold, Program Director, The Barry Foundation

  • Stacie Montgomery, COO & CFO, The Barry Foundation

  • Brittany Caillier, Altru Foundation, The Barry Scholarship Program Co-Chair

  • Mark Haugen, Retired Hawley PaY Advisor, The Barry Scholarship Program Co-Chair

  • Jeremy Pratschner, Lakeland Mental Health

  • Aidan Sears, Central Cass High School

  • Adeline Raum, Fargo South High School

  • Eimy Guerra, West Fargo Community High School

  • Cole Smith, West Fargo Community High School

  • Karsten Wedell, West Fargo Community High School

  • Forward Members: Jennifer Storm-Jenkins, Emily Schroeder, Timothy Lillehaugen, Nate Mattson, Jonathan, Melgaard, Celeste Koppe, Kristina Heggedal, Anna Volk, Bobbie Braaten, Lauren Graftaas, Sadiyo Hassan, Katie LeGare, Ross Dent, Anchee Nitschke Durben, Garrett Honzay, Kaleb Knuttila

  • Mikayla Young, Program Associate, The Barry Foundation

  • 2021-2022 PaY+ Core Team Members

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